Michelle B.
Creative Artist

As a child I began my artistic journey at the early age of ten. My entrepreneurial spirit had me pulling an old “Red Flyer” wagon around the neighborhood selling hand painted hairbrushes, combs, toothbrushes, measuring cups and many other items. My neighbors were my target market!

I graduated from Texas Tech University in 1991 with a degree in fashion design. I yearned to embellish clothing with paint, embroidery and silk screen. I realized after I was an art major I needed to know how clothing was constructed so I could embellish clothing for manufactures. At that point I focused on clothing while still creating art. At the age of 22 I started my first business, Artful Attire in Dallas Texas. I silkscreened and hand painted designs on the garments before they were constructed- this is where my fashion design background was utilized along with my art background. I was a contractor for many major western wear companies such as Roper and Panhandle Slim. I also designed a line of clothing for the music duo Brooks and Dunn, including the all so popular “Flame Shirt”.

Today, my interests have evolved into designing jewelry, painting mixed media panels and greeting cards. I believe my work comes through me not from me. Art is meditation in action, it’s an intuitive process. Creativity makes my heart sing. It is my wish that my work might make your heart sing.

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