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    • Crystal Bead Stack

      This necklace is very flattering with several precious stones - a wonderful crystal, turquoise, citrine, and carnelian. 18" wire necklace with antique silver accents.
    • Turquoise Feather Necklace

      This necklace is striking yet simple. 18” chain/ Antique silver with a lot of turquoise, beautiful!
    • Spirit feather

      This necklace is made of turquoise, amethyst and carnelian with antique silver and a 24''leather cord which is adjustable- very eye unique.
    • Noble mandala

      This necklace is very flattering with details of filigree that create a stunning design. Antique silver. 20''chain
    • Ornate mandala

      This necklace is truly a dramatic and radiant work of art. Antique silver with a 20'' stylish necklace.
    • Safe and Sound

      This necklace is sweet and charming with a mother bird and her soon to become babies. Antique silver with real precious pearls. 18''wire necklace.
    • Sweet bird

      This necklace is adorned with a delicate nest and a sweet bird with her soon to be babies. Precious Pearls with an antique silver nest and charms. Graceful and lovely! 18" chain.

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