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    • Divine mandala

      This necklace is loaded with many different types of precious stones. The hand of Fatima hangs in the center with a stamped mandala circle centerpiece. Antique silver with a 24'' adjustable leather cord. -Simply divine.
    • Circle of Life

      This necklace is a true gem. Brass square center piece with the circle of life stamped on it. All precious stones. 24” adjustable chain- absolutely cutting edge.
    • Divine love

      This necklace is full of many precious stones-pyrite, amethyst and fresh water pearls. Many attention getting charms- hand with heart of love, god box, and an antique silver swallow soaring down amongst the elegant precious stones. Adjustable 24'' chain.
    • Citrine Mandela

      This attention getting necklace is exquisite and adorned with many different precious stones, Antique silver with and adjustable 30" chain
    • Hand of Fatima

      This necklace adorns the hand of Fatima as the centerpiece with many precious stones distinctively hanging from the centerpiece. There are several Tibetan beads that really add dramatic detail. Several of the precious stones include - different types of turquoise, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, and amber. This necklace is truly exquisite !
    • Freedom Necklace

      Ornate brass and copper with intricate precious stones. A truly gorgeous necklace to wear. Adjustable copper chain 24”.
    • Hand of Fatima

      This is a gorgeous necklace full of turquoise, Tibetan beads, citrine, amethyst and red coral. Beautiful Patina hand as the base of a true work of art. 24" adjustable chain-Simply dramatic!
    • Jade totem

      This necklace has a carved abstract owl on the jade totem with an incredible bold amount of precious stones. Charms are brass, copper, bronze and antique silver. 30" adjustable necklace.
    • Amber wheel

      This necklace is a true original work of art ! There is a high polished amber wheel in which many precious stones dangle from this exceptional pendant. Many precious stones accent the amber wheel- turquoise, carnelian and a Tibetan bead just to name a few. Truly dramatic ! 24"adjustable leather cord necklace.
    • The sacred circle

      This necklace has an abundance of precious stones and many charms to boot! A truly exquisite work of art. 24" adjustable chain.
    • Creative circle of energy

      This necklace has a magical jasper stone centerpiece with an elaborate amount of different precious stones- turquoise, pyrite, Tibetan beads, amethyst and carnelian. An intricate and flattering pendant. Antique silver with a 24"adjustable chain.

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