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    • Radiant tree of life

      This necklace is exquisitely flattering. Many precious stones including amethyst, citrine and turquoise. The swallow soars down from the tree of life among the bird house and precious stones - Truly elegant! 18"" wire
    • Spiral of life

      This necklace is very decorative with fresh water pearls and a touch of turquoise. A true healing necklace. 20'' leather cord with accent antique silver beads on the necklace cord.
    • Spiritual center

      This wonderful necklace has a very large round cut amethyst for the center piece with even more amethyst beads hanging down along with turquoise touches. Antique silver. 24'' adjustable chain.
    • Immersed in meditation

      This necklace is full of energetic precious stones-amethyst, turquoise, citrine and more. Antique silver with several distinctive charms- A goddess, a god box, a seeing eye hand and a meditation woman.
    • Circle of serenity

      This necklace is sleek and distinctive with many precious stones. includes many different shades of turquoise. Antique silver with a leather 24''adjustable leather cord. A fun necklace for sure!
    • Fly free

      This necklace is a true gem. The beads that hang off the antique silver center pieces are citrine and turquoise. The bird soars in the circle of life. $24"adjustable leather cord. Just darling!
    • Harmony

      This necklace is elegantly designed with a swallow and her birdhouse. The precious stones are amethyst, turquoise and antique silver. An adorable work of art. 24" adjustable chain.
    • Tibetan Gem

      This necklace has an elegant Tibetan centerpiece with many precious stones making it very decorative and alluring. The precious stones that hang gracefully from the centerpiece are coral,turquoise, and citrine. This colorful necklace is antique silver with a tassel, a bird and the hand of Fatima. 24" adjustable chain.
    • Believing Time Heals

      This artsy necklace is absolutely stunning with so many parts dangling from the clock centerpiece. Mixed materials with an adjustable gunmetal chain.
    • Tree of life

      This necklace is truly exquisite. The necklace is made of turquoise, amber, carnelian, brass, copper, and antique silver. Adjustable 24''chain, an eye catcher for sure!
    • Beginnings mandala

      This mandala necklace is truly an elegant work of art with antique silver and precious stones. The necklace is adorned with a tassel, a Tibetan bead, jasper, and carnelian. Indeed, a site to see! With a 24''adjustable leather necklace.

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